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Tealogy Is An Indian Cafe<br> Chain That Focuses On<br> Tea-based Beverages.
Tealogy Is An Indian Cafe
Chain That Focuses On
Tea-based Beverages.

Tealogy was founded in 2018 in Indore, India. Now we have 320+ tea cafe outlets across India. We offer a variety of tea and beverages with some snacks as well. We provide the best taste of the kulhad tea & coffee at pocket prices. We always try to provide the best experience and complete satisfaction to our customers through our services with our variety of foods, beverages.

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Our Presence
Being the top tea franchise in India, we've established a strong presence nationwide, serving exceptional tea experiences in every cup. Join us in our journey of spreading tea joy across the country.
Our Presence Our Presence
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Tealogy Menu
Tealogy Franchise Benefits
  • Scrumptious Menu with Pocket-Friendly Pricing
    Scrumptious Menu with Pocket-Friendly Pricing
  • High ROI (Return on Investment)
    High ROI (Return on Investment)
  • We offer Hygienic & Standard Tasty Food
    We offer Hygienic & Standard Tasty Food
  • Well- Known Brand
    Well- Known Brand
  • We provide Training to Staff members
    We provide Training to Staff members
  • Proven Business Model
    Proven Business Model
Tealogy Franchise Benefits
Our Tea Cafe Model
Join the best tea franchise brand in India and indulge in the authentic experience of our Top Kulhad Chai Franchise. Delight in traditional flavors served in eco-friendly kulhads, making every sip memorable.
  • Tealogy Neo
    Tealogy Neo
    1000+ SQFT.

    Expanding our horizons to the premium tea frontier.

  • Cafe Model
    Cafe Model
    300+ SQFT.

    Affordable cafe franchise opportunity perfectly balanced in size, designed for your success.

  • Pocket Cafe Model
    Pocket Cafe Model
    150+ SQFT.

    Encouraging entrepreneurs to operate their own Tea-cafe.